Tyrone TimberFrames is a multiple award-winning, UK based Construction Company with its manufacturing base in Castlederg, County Tyrone and offices in Swindon, Wiltshire and Lisburn, Co Antrim.

Since completing our first home in 2008, Tyrone Timberframes has set the benchmark for energy efficient homes. Our “Fabric First” approach was something virtually unheard of when we built our first home and when our competitors where encouraging their clients to install new technologies to compensate for their energy bills, our clients homes were being built to a far higher efficiency meaning lower energy requirement at source.

Our results has been achieved only after many hundreds of hours of calculation and experimentation and we represent cutting-edge innovation that has pushed the self-build market to another level. What is especially attractive about this technology in our timber frame homes is that it can be applied to almost any house and will not impact upon the original design. This means that clients can decide on the home of their dreams without having to compromise the aesthetics.

Our focus has always been to take responsibility of the thermal performance of your home to ensure that your investment is directed to the points where it gives it best value. By taking a scientific approach to understand heat loss, we have been able to design a system with minimal energy requirements and keep the build costs within a typical budget.

With a number of A-Rated homes throughout Ireland and the UK, we are truly a company with the experience to understand the challenges created by the demand for low carbon homes. Balancing the task of providing the desired outcome while using the correct materials, allows us to give guaranteed heat loss figures whilst evidencing how we deal with crucial matters like interstitial condensation risk and breathability.

Our system is already ahead of all anticipated changes to Building Regulations and SAP and BER beyond the next ten years, but we are not just about ‘ticking boxes’. Our houses meet the standards set by the UK, Irish and European policy makers, but we also give you what you want; low energy costs. With houses of 2500 sq. foot requiring less than £220 of fuel to keep it at above average temperatures, you house is practical as well highly rated.

As self-builders become more interested in building their home for life our “no central heating house” has become the most popular bespoke system of its kind. The ability of people to achieve code’s 5 and 6, zero carbon status has been simplified by our systematic approach. As every element of this system is independently verified and confirmed to be accurate, Tyrone Timberframes will work with you and your architect to give you the peace of mind you need to let you know that you have made the right choice.